• mSleeve

    Giving You A Digital Connection to Your Mailbox

  • mSleeve tracks whether or not there is mail waiting for you in your UPS Store, Fedex Box Store, apartment, condo, office or any other interior mailbox that you may have.


    The mSleeve links your mailbox to you 24/7 anywhere you are. You no longer need to drive to or visit your mailbox daily to see if mail is in.The mSleeve is a low profile custom engineered and designed cardboard sleeve which houses battery powered sensors and electronics that fit easily into an interior mailbox.


    mSleeve on Location

    mSleeve in an interior mailbox

    mSleeve waiting for mail to be placed inside it.

    mSleeve with Mail

    Sensors have been triggered and an email and/or a text was sent to the mailbox owner.

  • This is how mSleeve works:


    When mail (or a package notification slip) is placed in your mailbox battery powered infrared sensors mounted on the mSleeve are tripped and send an email or text to you stating that mail is waiting.


    The sensors check every hour for mail which takes microseconds to send data to the Cloud between the hours of 9am and 8pm Monday – Saturday. The rest of the time the mSleeve is sleeping and is not connected to the Cloud. When mail is placed inside the mSleeve the sensors are triggered and you receive an email (or text) letting you know that there is mail to be picked up.


    The mSleeve connects to the Cloud in one of two ways:


    1) Wi-fi - using Particle's Photon chip, connecting the mSleeve to the local wi-fi network requiring minimal bandwidth.


    2) Cellular - using Particle's Electron chip, connecting the mSleeve to a cellular network and requires a monthly connection fee. This version while it has monthly fee gives the most flexibility when a wi-fi connection is not an option.


    The mSleeve comes in two flavors:


    mSleeve Developer Kit




    mSleeve End User Kit

  • The mSleeve Developer Kit

    The kit comes with a mSleeve Breakout Board, sensors, battery housing and a mSleeve box all assembled plus software for flashing to the Particle Cloud.

    mSleeve Board

    With headers to accept either Photon or Electron

    The mSleeve Breakout Board accepts either a Particle Photon or Electron board into the onboard headers.

    A power control circuit to control power consumption from the sensors to prolong battery life is integrated into the board. In addition it also contains a convenient battery power switch.


    Supplied by User

    The Photon board from Particle brings a cost effective solution for the mSleeve through a wifi cloud connection.


    Supplied by User

    The Electron board from Particle brings a cellular cloud connection solution for the mSleeve when wifi is not viable option.

    mSleeve Kit

    mSleeve with battery cover open.

    Houses battery powered sensors and mSleeve Breakout Board in conjunction with user supplied Particle Cloud connection board.

  • mSleeve End User Kit

    Want a mSleeve and not interested in working with the electronics no problem! mSleeve End User Kit is ready to go once you receive it. Just flip the switch and place it in your interior mailbox and sit back and forget the hassle of whether you have mail or not.

    Artist rendering of mSleeve with mail in an interior mailbox.

    Sample email message or text that you will receive when mail arrives.

    The message is customizable and is driven through IFTTT an IoT versatile tool.

    mSleeve End User Kit with Photon Board Ready to Go.

    Photon or Electron are included in the kit and all cloud software both Particle and IFTTT are